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welcome to glasstech! we're a system that does some goofy stuff, and we have a lot of interests.

we like to write for various fandoms, and have an ao3 account with a bunch of fic on it. i won't tell you what it is, though. i love to draw, and my favorite thing to draw is my webcomic, shards.

our name is tech, and our pronouns are he/it or the pronouns of the current fronter, if you're referring to them. we made this website for fun! feel free to interact with this site page, or go leave us a hello on our tumblr page. :)

this website is pretty much always under construction


PKFronters Link here!
Credits: Most assets can be found permalinked on this Tumblr. (They do not belong to me.) Other assets are linked through buttons to their respective sites.
Other assets pulled from: Cameron's World, Blinkies.neocities, Gifcities, Y2K.neocities, Internet Bumper Stickers, and others yet to be added.

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